6 surprising features of the 2018 Perodua Myvi

Hand it to Perodua for successfully launching its latest flagship car without pomp. Unlike its rival that teases piece by piece, sometimes even for a facelift model, the all-new Myvi was kept under wraps only until two weeks ago. The reveal surprised even pundits in the auto industry, who were stunned by how Perodua managed […]

Thoughts on the Kawasaki Ninja 250

  It has been two months since I sold my first bike, the 2013 Ninja 250 SE. I had long wanted to write a review but was afraid of not doing any justice as I didn’t have other bikes to compare it with. I shall write my thoughts on it instead. I bought the Ninja […]

Should you consider ceramic coating for your bike?

Every rider knows that keeping a bike’s paint spotless is difficult. Bikes are either used daily – exposed to harsh weather elements – or tucked away at home being dust magnets if used only for weekend rides. I have always used the trusty tub of automotive wax to give paint a deeper shine and stay […]

Test drive : 2016 Proton Persona

Proton’s latest car takes form as a lengthened Iriz, a contender in the crowded B-segment where frugal buyers often benchmark their options against the Perodua Myvi, Malaysia’s indisputable king of the sub-RM60,000 category. The 2016 Persona has a fresh looking front end with a more refined overall exterior compared to its hatchback sibling. A chrome […]

Here’s why you should and shouldn’t upgrade to the iPhone 6s

Apple announced the iPhone 6s on September 9, staying true to many of the rumored predictions. While many of the “s” upgrades in the past have been merely incremental, the 6s appears to have many substantial improvements besides speed. The current iPhone 6, touted by Apple as the most popular iPhone yet, still looks identical […]

Five things people say when you buy a pickup truck

Buying a new car would usually invite conversations among peers. A pickup truck on the other hand will render many speechless, in awe and disbelief. Here are five things people say when you buy a pickup truck. 1. Do you have a small penis? It is easy to take offense if you are self-conscious about […]

At the theaters : SuperMokh The Musical

Curiosity got the better of this writer when he decided to attend a locally produced musical show at the theater, based on a supposedly larger-than-life icon of a sport that he does not follow. Eager to learn about the late Datuk Mokhtar Dahari – a legend so big, they actually wrote a musical about him. […]