6 surprising features of the 2018 Perodua Myvi

Hand it to Perodua for successfully launching its latest flagship car without pomp. Unlike its rival that teases piece by piece, sometimes even for a facelift model, the all-new Myvi was kept under wraps only until two weeks ago.

The reveal surprised even pundits in the auto industry, who were stunned by how Perodua managed to stretch the ringgit in this economy. Taking a closer look at the Myvi further showed no visible cost-cutting measures, an impressive feat for a budget conscious brand.

Here’s six surprising features you should know about the all-new 2018 Perodua Myvi.

1. ABS, Stability and Traction Control

Top marques offer these safety features across the board and it’s expected that Perodua include them only in its high-spec Bezza.

Prospective buyers will be pleased to know the important safety kits come standard regardless of the model that they are buying.

Together with the optional Advance Safety Assist for the higher-specced models, Myvi has become the best car for under RM60,000 right now.

2. SRS Airbags

It was not too long ago that carmakers were stingy with their airbag counts. Many still offer the requisite two. Perodua has upped the ante by offering a minimum of four supplemental restraint system (SRS) airbags – front and side.

The 1.5L models get six airbags – front, side and curtain – unheard before in this price sensitive segment.

3. Full-sized spare wheel

How often do we get to see a proper spare “fifth” wheel in new cars nowadays? A lot more from here onwards, evidently.

This is probably not on the top of the improvement lists that budget conscious buyers want, so kudos to Perodua for including a full-sized spare wheel.

4. Multiple interior lights

It’s the attention to detail that buyers in this segment have been conditioned to overlook. But Perodua has outclassed the competition by providing multiple interior lights – two cabin and two mapping lights.

Additional lighting points may not mean much to most buyers, but the added convenience is probably why other cars at higher price range comes with it.

Speaking of lights, the Myvi also features LED headlamps and taillamps as standard.

But you ought to have known that by now.

5. Aeroslim rain wipers

Budget B-segment cars are about fuel efficiency. Some are mere gimmick, but Perodua has gone the distance of using aeroslim rain wipers to further improve the Myvi’s drag coefficient.

And thanks to the eventual mass adoption of the next most popular Malaysian car, replacement blades would be not be much pricier than the common whipletree wipers.

6. Toyota engine

Fancy Toyota reliability and built but lack the budget? With the Myvi, you can have either the Vios or Avanza engine for a fraction of the price.

That’s right. The 1.3L engine is from the Avanza and the 1.5L is from the Vios. Expect Perodua sales personnel to be extra proud of this fact.

Still extreme value for money?

In 2005, the first-generation Myvi cost RM41,000 for the 1.0L model, while the 1.3 litre versions ranged from RM45,000 to RM51,000.

Twelve years and one million hatchbacks later, the third-generation Myvi has seemingly defied inflation. It will no doubt assume the mantle of being Malaysia’s favorite car.

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