Five things people say when you buy a pickup truck

Buying a new car would usually invite conversations among peers. A pickup truck on the other hand will render many speechless, in awe and disbelief. Here are five things people say when you buy a pickup truck.

1. Do you have a small penis?

It is easy to take offense if you are self-conscious about the size of your manhood. You should take comfort though that it is usually the guys who make such comments are the insecure ones.

Think about it – if they think you have a small one by the virtue of the size of your truck, they must be big dicks. If it is the ladies who are teasing you instead, you should feel good as they are already sizing you up.

2. Wah liao, sibeh big!

That’s Hokkien for, “dude, that’s huge!” Insert “that’s what she said” joke here. You will be hearing similar exclamations whenever new acquaintances see your wheels.

Like it or otherwise, people are obsessed with size. A pickup has an imposing presence that even sportscars lack. According to a survey, women find men driving pickups the sexiest.

3. Wanna bully other people ah?

Pickups and 4x4s have undesirable overtones in Malaysia. The drivers have been known to drive aggressively.

The same could be said about just any other automobiles in Malaysia – there will always be idiots on the road, no matter what wheels they drive.

We tend to stereotype certain vehicles – remember the mini-buses of yesteryears and Wira-lutions from Kepong?

4. The next time I move house, I’ll know who to call

Some gripe at the thought of being the designated mover, but if you are one who is always ready to lend a hand, a pickup is an excellent tool at your disposal.

This could also mean more fun trips to IKEA and gardening nurseries for reasons other than your own. You will feel good to be able to help others.

5. You can’t speed in this

Rightly so, a pickup can go places cars cannot. Speeding terrifies me now, though if the need arises – there is a 150hp, turbo diesel motor under the hood.

Plus the occasional KL flash floods. The last sedan I owned encountered one, and that was the beginning of her demise. The undercarriage, exhaust pipes included began rusting. A pickup is instead made to wade in water. Thus shallow flooding would not affect her.



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