iflix’s ’Oi! Jaga Mulut’ stand-up comedy: switch off your brain for some laughter

iflix’s first original programming takes on an edgy tone with “Oi! Jaga Mulut” – a stand-up comedy series featuring international and local talents.

The Malaysian company is able to skirt around the broadcast censorship laws as it is an online video-on-demand streaming service.

But as much as that may entice viewers, there is still the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to be reckoned with.

So laugh alongside host Haniff Hamzah (the camera zooms in on him a lot) as the show takes the obligatory cheap shots at Donald Trump but threads a thin line when it comes to Malaysian politics.

“Oi! Jaga Mulut” has the makings of a promising and addictive show for local comedy fans. The first season comprises seven 20-minute episodes.

Each episode has three bite-sized routines interspersed with two silly game segments – much like a low-rent copy of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”.

The series has several noteworthy and memorable acts, namely by Jon Atherton, Andrew Netto, Joanne Kam, Mo Sidik and Jinx Yeo.

And then there are the whiny routines you either laugh or cringe at – depending on your tolerance for lame racial jokes.

“Oi! Jaga Mulut” is undoubtedly an encouraging start for iflix as it heads in the right direction with an unconventional approach to home entertainment.

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