Should you consider ceramic coating for your bike?

Every rider knows that keeping a bike’s paint spotless is difficult. Bikes are either used daily – exposed to harsh weather elements – or tucked away at home being dust magnets if used only for weekend rides.

I have always used the trusty tub of automotive wax to give paint a deeper shine and stay hydrophobic, to an extent. Wax, being a soft compound, does not usually last more than four washes and periodic in-between wipes.

Ceramic coating has been the buzzword of the automotive refinishing industry but I have had a difficult time parting with a couple of thousand ringgits to coat any of my cars.

My bike, on the other hand, only has a fraction of the paint surface in comparison – making the decision a no-brainer.

What makes it superior to wax?

A ceramic coat forms a semi-permanent bond with the painted surface for up to two years. When applied properly, it is only several microns thin and most coats claim to have a scratch resistance level of “9H” on the Mohs scale.

On this scale, regular glass is 5 and a diamond is at the highest 10.

Do take the 9H rating with a pinch of salt as it hard to believe that a liquid chemical application can make any paint tougher to scratch than sapphire crystals (rated 7.5).

But at a reasonable cost, I am sold on the idea of getting any additional protection for my paint that is harder than wax and lasts much longer.

I was grateful to meet Willy, a fellow biker who is also a passionate automotive detailer specializing in ceramic coating. He runs his business from home and provides a convenient at-your-door service.

Willy was gracious enough to indulge in my experiment of detailing only the bike’s fuel tank. My Vulcan S has endured several washes and wax applications resulting in visible swirl marks on the tank which alarmed me.

Seven days later

Willy said that the ceramic coating needed 24-hours to fully bond with the paint.

One week has passed and I am happy to say that there are not visible scratches yet. Even a dust bubble under the clear lacquer from the factory paint vanished after the ceramic coating.

I will be adding to this post at a later date to give updates after several washes.

Is it worth it? Done right, professionally, it sure is. I now ride with confidence that my jeans will not scratch the tank and the bike has cleaner aesthetics without tank pads.

If you are interested to have your car, bike or helmet detailed by Willy, please feel free to contact him at +6017-661 0393 for an appointment.

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